This year there´s no Chio Turnament.
Fingers crossed that that it will be all the more spectacular next year.


Hey guys – it took me 3 minutes to draw this – but one hour to create the rhyme…

How are your poetry abilities? Please post your worst creation 🙂


Did you ever had the feeling that you could have hurt anybody seriously? I mean, with a ball.


What do you think? Would you be willing to tolerate if Donald´s bad influence would even spread to golf?


How to have a party in these times with a lot of peaple without masks? – no problem …

#cartoon #corona-party #illustration #buynow


„Working from home leads all the environmental protection measures to absurdity. What shall i do with the ebike now?“

Und – welche Investition hat das Homeoffice bei euch sinnlos gemacht?


You won´t believe it. Our dealer is wearing a mask, too.


Are you a fan of Ready Golf ?


How do you improve your swing?