… if you ever have problems to fall asleep, try this.

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„Working from home leads all the environmental protection measures to absurdity. What shall i do with the ebike now?“

Und – welche Investition hat das Homeoffice bei euch sinnlos gemacht?



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so this is happening in case you have an important topic to discuss:
„Hello – who are you?“
„Look – I was at the hairdresser“
„I have to get out for a minute – the parcel service is arriving…“
„Can anybody summarize the last five meetings?“

#Homofis der Philosoph 04

Without Homofis I never have noticed what there´s to do during working hours.

#Homofis der Philosoph 03

Homofis the philosoph:

„Whaaat – yet end of business day?“

#Homofis der Philosoph 02

Homofis the philosoph:

„Good working conditions are the prerequisits for high productivity“.

#Homofis der Philosoph 01

Homofis the philosoph:

„Work makesos life sweetos“.