… sorry for not being up to date – I saw that trump at least wears a mask now – not only an optical improvement ….


This year there´s no Chio Turnament.
Fingers crossed that that it will be all the more spectacular next year.



Everything under control!


#Homofis der Philosoph 04

Without Homofis I never have noticed what there´s to do during working hours.

#Homofis der Philosoph 02

Homofis the philosoph:

„Good working conditions are the prerequisits for high productivity“.


Guys – now we have to act fast and pragmatic to save the situation…

But, even more important it is to have an exact documentation, who, when, why and what did anything pragmatic – is that clear to everybody?


„be honest – why are you doing this to us …“
„I wanted to know if I am still able to do this“
„That´s exactly how you are“